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Bayport-Blue Point Sports Teams On Top

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Bayport-Blue Point athletes were at the top of their games this fall season.

The varsity girls tennis team garnered the Suffolk County Small School Championship title, with the varsity girls volleyball team taking home the Suffolk County Class B Championship trophy. Additionally, the varsity football team had an exciting season that ended in the team’s clinching of both the Suffolk County Division IV Championship and the Long Island Class IV Championship.

The district congratulates all the athletes on these outstanding accomplishments.

Date Added: 12/2/2022

A Tree of Gratitude

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During the month of November, kindergarten students at Sylvan Avenue have focused on gratitude as part of their social-emotional wellness learning.

Prior to the Thanksgiving break, parents joined their children for a lesson geared toward gratitude to assist in furthering the students’ development of empathy and sensitivity towards others. They listened to Todd Parr’s “The Thankful Book,” and brainstormed what they were thankful for in their school and home lives. With the help of parents, they made a three-dimensional tree. Each leaf on the tree represented something for which the students were thankful. Most importantly, the students learned a valuable lesson as to why Thanksgiving should be celebrated each day.

Date Added: 12/1/2022

A Marshmallow Challenge

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As a culminating activity to learning about motion and forces, third grade students at Academy Street Elementary School put their new knowledge to the test during a Marshmallow Challenge.

Working with a parent or other caregiver, each student was instructed to use 20 pieces of spaghetti and masking tape to build a structure that will hold one mini-marshmallow. The confection could not be impaled or taped to the structure. The students only had five minutes to plan and 20 minutes to build their structure.

Not only did the activity use the students’ science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills, the assignment was a test of their creativity and their ability to just have fun.

Click here to view the slideshow.

Date Added: 12/1/2022

Balloons over Academy Parade

Students Holding Balloons During Parade thumbnail237468
Students Holding Balloons thumbnail237469
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Students Holding Balloons Group Photo thumbnail237471
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The driveway at Academy Street Elementary School was lined with students, faculty and parents who were excited to see the Macy’s Day Parade-inspired parade of balloons, held high by second grade students prior to the Thanksgiving holiday. Named Balloons Over Academy, the annual tradition is actually a science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics project which draws on additional learning in the content areas of social studies and literacy.

One week prior to the parade, classes focused on planning, designing and building their personal balloons. They read Melissa Sweet’s “Balloons Over Broadway: The True Story of the Puppeteer of Macy’s Parade” and learned about the immigrant balloon handlers who wanted to feel connected to American culture. They also watched video clips of prior parades and made lists of the types of characters portrayed in the balloons. During science, the students learned about helium versus oxygen in keeping balloons flying and watched a video on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade balloons’ inflation.

Wearing handmade turkey crowns, the students then unveiled their balloon creations during the parade. Each student’s name was announced, and his/her balloon was described in the press box. The activity culminated with photos of each class holding the balloons and a surprise visit from Frosty the Snowman.

Date Added: 11/28/2022

How to Chunk a Pumpkin

Third grade students in Ms. Gorman’s class working on their catapults thumbnail237059
Third grade students in Ms. Gorman’s class working on their catapults thumbnail237060
Third grade students in Ms. Gorman’s class working on their catapults thumbnail237061
Third grade students in Ms. Gorman’s class working on their catapults thumbnail237062

Third grade students in Ms. Gorman’s class at Sylvan Avenue Elementary School were recently tasked with creating a catapult that could launch a plastic pumpkin at a specific target. Called Chunkin’ Punkin’ Challenge, the activity was the culmination of a unit on force and motion and the students’ newly acquired knowledge on the scientific method.

Using Google as a reference, the students divided into teams with a parent volunteer and gathered supplies, which included meter sticks, rulers, sticks, spoons, tape and more. This was the first time the students had the chance to collaborate in a group since the pandemic. The teams of students had to synergize to create a catapult that would complete their ultimate task, to propel a small plastic pumpkin at a target.

The students were allowed three trials, and like scientists, carefully recorded their methods and results. They learned that the pumpkins move in a particular direction because of the amount of force and the direction of the catapult, making changes as they completed their trials.

Date Added: 11/18/2022

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