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Clubs & Programs

Special Programs

Science Fair
Each Spring, Academy Street hosts their annual Science Fair.  Family projects, individual projects and group projects are encouraged.  They may consist of demonstrations, experiments, moving mechanisms, charts, diagrams or collections.  A science project may also be considered for the Brookhaven National Laboratory Fair as long as it adheres to specific guidelines.  All projects must clearly reflect the students' effort, even if they are done in collaboration with an adult.  Each child is recognized for his/her effort.

Computer Technology

Academy Street follows the district plan for technology in that each grade level classroom has an interactive Smart Board attached to a teacher laptop with internet access.  The Smart Board is used as a teaching tool in each classroom.  In addition, there is a thirty-station Lenova PC lab.  The Board of Education has established two policies entitled, "Technology Code of Conduct for Staff" and "Technology Code of Conduct for Students".  Beginning in the Spring of 1997, parents were asked to sign a release form granting permission for their child/children to use the internet.  Subsequently, all new entrants are asked to sign the policy.  This is a one-time release that will be kept on file during your child's tenure at Academy Street.  Staff members were also asked to sign the policy before using the internet.  Only those students and staff who have signed the policy will be permitted to use the internet.

Peer Leaders
Peer Leaders is an extra-curricular school club.  It is opened to all 4th and 5th grade students. This club allows students to participate in many community service projects and/or school-wide service events.  Ms. Tilden and Mrs. Greco look forward to working with the students collaboratively to help our community.

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