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Enhancing Physical Fitness

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Students enrolled in Bayport-Blue point High School physical education teacher Tricia Livingston’s modified physical education classes were recently treated to a special athletic initiative with assistance from members of Inclusive Sports and Fitness, Inc.

Through this collaboration, students with special needs are able to explore alternatives to physical education that focus on their intrinsic needs, while capitalizing on the strengths that can advance health-promoting behaviors, inclusion, empathy and the advancement of academic performance.

In addition to assistance from the ISF mentors, Bayport-Blue Point High School students volunteering as peer mentors were on hand during the activities. Due to their assistance, greater opportunities are provided for those students with different abilities in order to maximize their potential for success.

During class time, the students highly enjoyed themselves as they interacted with kettle balls, ropes, medicine balls and TRX bands in the Bob Venero Fitness Center in an effort to enhance their overall physical well-being. 

“Working with the ISF coaches has been a universally positive experience for everyone involved,” said Mrs. Livingston. “It has taken modified physical education classes to the next level and engaged students in a new way. We have been very fortunate to collaborate and create a positive, motivational and exciting curriculum.”

The district would like to thank ISF mentors Joe, Sonila and Melanie for their assistance with this wonderful initiative.

Bayport-Blue Point Eagle