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Pumpkin Museum at Sylvan Avenue

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Sylvan Avenue Elementary School first grade students converted their favorite book characters into a pumpkin and displayed their creations in the school’s Pumpkin Museum on Halloween for family members and peers to explore.

The students first read their favorite book and wrote a polished book report. With the assistance of their family, the students then decorated a pumpkin to resemble the favorite character in the books including “Pig the Pug Fibber, “ “Fly Guy,” “Nat, Nat, the Nantucket Cat” and more. The book reports and the pumpkins were then laid out like a museum on the cafeteria tables where parents and peers could see.

Prior to the Pumpkin Museum Display, the students, who were dressed in costumes, lined up on the stage where they performed “Five Little Pumpkins” and “The Witch’s Son” for family members in attendance.

Date Added: 11/1/2022
Bayport-Blue Point Eagle