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High 5’s and Fire Safety Lessons

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First responders gave out High 5s to Bayport-Blue Point Elementary School students who entered the school building at the start of their day. In attendance was working police dog Anthem and handler Suffolk County Police Officer Brendan Gayer, police officer Joe Steigele, and firemen Tom Reilly and Craig Campagna. Many of the students who were dropped off took time to speak with the responders and asked questions about their jobs and Anthem.

Principal Tara Falasco said the day was about showing the school community kindness and to learn about safety, as well as to become more comfortable with first responders.

Students then took a field trip across the street to the Blue Point Fire House where they learned about fire protection. After watching a video called “Sparky Says,” ex-chief Walter Dunn discussed the importance of fire detectors, having a meeting place and, most importantly, not hiding from a firefighter.

“The sound [of a siren] means that someone is here to help you,” Chief Dunn said.

The students then divided into smaller groups where they visited the smoke house, learned how to use a fire hose, sat in a fire truck and learned about fire equipment.

Date Added: 10/26/2022
Bayport-Blue Point Eagle