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Blue Point Elementary Starts with ‘Hello’

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Blue Point Elementary School students practiced skills needed to promote a school culture of inclusion and connectedness during Start with Hello Week, held on Sept. 19-23. The goal of Start with Hello Week was to encourage the student community to reach out and include peers who may be dealing with social isolation.

On Monday, students wore green clothing and were greeted in the drop off area by fifth graders as they entered the school. On Tuesday’s “Hey Day,” students, faculty and staff wore name tags to encourage everyone to say “hey” to one another. Midweek, students discussed social isolation. They also illustrated a cartoon of someone isolated and what it looks like to reach out for help. Students read a short play on Thursday about isolation and answered comprehension questions to start a discussion on the topic. Students were then given a reflection sheet on Friday to write about their observations about the week. They also discussed the ways in which they can prevent social isolation on the playground and in the classroom.

Date Added: 9/26/2022
Bayport-Blue Point Eagle