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Learning Essential Life Skills

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Bayport-Blue Point High School Life Skills students recently combined community-based instruction with their desire to help others less fortunate. The students each received money to shop for mittens, gloves, hats and scarves at the Sayville Dollar Tree, which were in turn donated to the Sayville Public Library’s recent Mitten Tree collection.

Life Skills teacher Erika Seriano said the students are learning to recognize money denominations, identifying the total cost of items, recognizing if they have enough money to buy an item, using a dollar-up strategy to buy an item, and making sure they have enough cash prior to purchasing an item. They are also working on community-based instruction lessons that cover travel safety, planning ahead for what they need to buy, shopping and selecting items independently, getting on-line, waiting in line appropriately and independently, and interacting and communicating with the cashier.

Money collected from the high school’s recycle program was given to Life Skills students for a community service project, the purchase of items for the Mitten Tree donation. Each student was provided $5 to spend on five items totaling $1.25 each. The students also made a donation box, where donations from others was collected.

Not only did the students learn a valuable lesson about money, they fulfilled a desire to help others during the holidays.
Bayport-Blue Point Eagle