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Learning to Code

Students work on laptops in the classroom. thumbnail208770
Students follow a Smartboard exercise. thumbnail208771
Students participate in a Hopscotch coding activity. thumbnail208772
Students participate in a Hopscotch coding activity. thumbnail208773
In recognition of Computer Science Education Week, Blue Point Elementary School students learned that anyone can learn to code. Library media specialist Ellen Vlachos led students in grades K-2 in unplugged activities to help them learn key coding vocabulary and to develop an understanding of how coding commands work. Grades 3-5 participated in online challenges to develop basic programming skills like block coding and Javascript.

“The focus for all of the activities was to demonstrate how their creativity and problem-solving can lead to coding creations that can change or impact the world,” Ms. Vlachos said.

First grade students learned to follow commands in sequence on the SmartBoard, talked about what they would want a robot to do for them and reviewed vocabulary by listening to “How to Code a Sandcastle,” raising their hands every time they heard a familiar vocabulary word. They participated in a Hopscotch coding activity in which they played hopscotch on one of several colorful floor mats containing directional sequences. They also took a color coding challenge in which the sequence of steps on the right of a handout directed them to color a corresponding square on the left.

Fifth grade students, who are more advanced with their coding, were instructed to visit three or more computer programs to complete coding challenges, including Block Jumper, Hello World, Dance Party and Beginning Javascript. After completing their work, students played several unplugged games, which reinforced their coding skills.
Bayport-Blue Point Eagle