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Academy Street Hosts America’s VetDogs Organization

Harvey Gertzel and dog representative Lavender thumbnail207413
Students Petting Lavender thumbnail207414
In honor of the nation’s veterans, Academy Street attended an assembly about America’s VetDogs Organization with guest Harvey Gertzel and dog representative Lavender. The assembly not only provided more information about the organization to which the students donated, but celebrated Veterans Day and the country’s heroes through the reading of poetry and facts about Veterans Day.

America’s VetDogs organization breeds and trains service dogs to enhance the mobility and independence of veterans, active-duty service members and first responders with disabilities such as PTSD, physical injuries, hearing and vision loss and seizures.

Mr. Gertzel spoke about the organization’s mission, including how dogs are bred and trained for service members. He explained that not all of the dogs make it through the program due to health reasons or distractibility and are eventually adopted. At the end of the assembly, students were allowed to pet four-year-old lab Lavender.
Bayport-Blue Point Eagle