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The Great Exploding Pumpkin

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student smiling holding a tiny pumpkin thumbnail206511
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First grade teachers at Blue Point Elementary School created excitement in science by focusing on experiments through the exploration of the scientific process. Through inquiry learning and exploration, the students participated in a Halloween-themed experiment to kick off the holiday celebration.

Dr. Hearney the pumpkin, named after Superintendent of Schools Dr. Timothy Hearney, sat on the playground as teacher Tammy Santora explained to first graders how she would add a liquid (vinegar) and a solid (baking soda) to create a chemical reaction. The combination of chemicals then created an ooze of green, slimy liquid that spurted out of the carved eyes and mouth of the pumpkin to the delight of the students.

“When doing an experiment, we have to think of a hypothesis,” Ms. Santora told the students, who were lined up at a safe distance.

The students then used a pipette and the same chemicals to mix their own chemical reaction inside a handmade ceramic pumpkin. The students were very excited to see the mixture ooze out of the head of their mini-ceramic pumpkins, just like Ms. Santora had instructed.
Bayport-Blue Point Eagle