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Celebrating World Down Syndrome Day

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At the end of March, students in Lauren Higgins’ class at Academy Street Elementary School celebrated World Down Syndrome Day to promote awareness and acceptance of those with the developmental disability. They participated in the “rock your socks” initiative, in which each student sported two differently patterned socks to represent that differences should be celebrated. The class also welcomed two visitors with Down syndrome and engaged in a dance party and an interview with them. Higgins’ students greatly enjoyed the day’s programming and learned to be more accepting of others and to look for common ground despite differences.

Exploring Animal Adaptations

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Fourth graders at Bayport-Blue Point School District’s Academy Street Elementary School recently welcomed Ranger Eric from the Center for Environmental Education and Discovery for a “virtual field trip” via Zoom. Ranger Eric taught the students about the importance of animal adaptations to their survival and, to the students’ delight, even introduced them to a variety of critters, such as a corn snake, a bearded dragon, a white dove, a “walking stick” insect and a hedgehog. Ranger Eric held each of these animals right up to his camera so the students could get an up-close look as he discussed their particular adaptations. The fourth graders were captivated by this unique experience and learned a lot while having fun.

Celebrating Like Centenarians

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Donning curlers, canes and gray hair, students at all three Bayport-Blue Point School District elementary schools recently celebrated the 100th day of school by dressing up as 100-year-olds. In addition to being silly in their costumes, the students also commemorated this milestone by participating in various lessons and activities related to the number 100.

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