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Superintendent's Message

June 2020

Dear Bayport-Blue Point Families,

We did it! The teachers, the students, the families and every person at BBP made this unusual year special, and we ended on a high note. The community of Bayport-Blue Point never ceases to amaze me. During our physical time apart, we remained connected via Twitter and Google Meet. Your beautiful rainbows and signs of support were a big part of our virtual spirit week early on, and the graduation lawn signs for our students were recently proudly displayed for all to see. Our Social Emotional Learning Days and my weekly virtual meetings with students were some of the highlights from these past four months. I have witnessed and participated in numerous car brigades and drive-through, moving-up ceremonies. I have seen our Principal’s make house calls to hand deliver (while wearing a mask) birthday letters and student awards. Our art teachers did not miss a beat and created virtual art museums filled with student work. I have seen physical education teachers personally deliver field day trophies. Our food service department never missed a day of meals for the community, and our bus drivers quickly changed course and delivered chromebooks to those in need. Our buildings and grounds department cleaned and disinfected like never before, and our clerical staff supported the administrators behind the scenes. Our administrators, teachers and aides/assistants were involved in the lessons and supported students through this new wave of learning. Our technology department made sure all our students had the technology to be successful, nurses were available for all of our medical questions and the support staff of guidance counselors, social workers and psychologists were instrumental in making sure we all kept it together! I have received countless letters and e-mails of support from parents outlining how appreciative they are of their child(s) teachers and administrators. I agree with each and every word.

In what was definitely the most challenging time of my career, I was reminded of all the reasons I first entered the education field. The students, the teachers, the entire staff and the connections we make along the way matter. It is our strong bond that helped this community make it through a new educational system within a matter of days, and maintain it for four months. These people are the reason I entered education. Your children, your dedication as parents, and the entire BBP team carried us through this together.

As we look toward the future, I am excited to attend the upcoming High School Commencement Ceremony in July. It is, without a doubt, a graduating class that will not be forgotten.

I wish you all a wonderful, restful and healthy summer. You all deserve it. Stay well and we will see you in September!


Timothy P. Hearney, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

Bayport-Blue Point Eagle